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  • Welcome

    At the Hand Clinic we treat the elbow, wrist, hand, fingers and thumb.
    Whether you've had surgery, an injury, or developed symptoms over time we can help - if the issue is serious and we believe treatment is not viable, we have close working relationships with hand surgeons and can refer you to the right place.

    You're welcome to refer yourself and we have no ACC surcharges.  

  • What is Hand Therapy?

    "Hand Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper extremity. It involves evaluation and specific testing to assess the injured limb from which treatment goals can be set. A variety of specialised modalities are utilised to achieve these goals.".

    Chai et al (1987) A Role Delineation Study of Hand Therapy. J Hand Ther Vol 1(1)

    Hand Therapists are registered Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who, through continuing education, clinical experience and independent study have become proficient in the treatment of upper extremity conditions resulting from trauma, disease and congenital deformity.

  • Common Treatments

    Common conditions Hand Therapy effectively treat include:

    • All post operative rehabilitation for elbow, wrist, or hand surgeries including Acute revascularisation, open fracture repair, tendon or nerve repair, amputations, Dupuytren’s dermofasciectomy, Carpal tunnel or other entrapment releases etc.
    • Mallet Injuries (terminal extensor tendon avulsion)
    • Tenosynovitis most commonly Dequervain’s disease
    • Volar Plate or Collateral ligament rupture / avulsion / injury PIPJ
    • Fractures: phalanges, metacarpals, carpals, Radius or Ulna (fracture bracing splinting & safe mobilisation)
    • Boutonniere deformity (Closed central slip extensor rupture/injury)
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & other nerve compression
    • Osteoarthritis (CMCJ functional splinting, education on joint protection)
    • Rheumatoid arthritis (functional splinting, preventing deformity, post op)
    • Amputations 
    • Burns or any hand scar management
    • Lacerations 
    • Nailbed injuries 
    • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    • Skier's thumb/Game keeper's thumb (Ulna or Radial Collateral Ligament rupture / injury)
    • Tennis / Golfer’s elbow (Lateral or medial Epicondylitis)
    • Trigger finger / thumb
    • Overuse & ergonomic advise
  • Services

    Diagnosis & assessment, Nike has a sound background in accurate diagnosis and will have access to your x-rays in clinic, or if they are sent, will know what to look for. The Hand Clinic has a range of tools for specialist testing to assess anything from grip strength to sensation. 

    Treatments which include: Very high standard custom thermoplastic static or dynamic splint fabrication, custom neoprene fabrication, fracture bracing, casting, joint mobilisations, scar management, soft tissue massage, heat treatment including wax bath, contact and compression medium fabrication, silicone oil treatment, wound dressings, suture removal, strengthening and stabilising exercise programmes, graded motor imagery including mirror therapy, adaptive equipment or technique training, education on diagnosis, anatomy and why treatment will work, assistance with return to work and liaison with any contractor attempting to get you there.

    Rehabilitation back to doing the things you love and need to do. Your hands are what enable you to do what you do best.

  • Appointments

    If you have been referred by your specialist or GP and they have said they will contact me directly, sit back I will be in touch shortly.

    Self referrals are welcome please call 0800 888 910

    Please present to the main Team Medical reception, I will collect you from there. Bring along any medical information including ACC number that you may have. 

    We charge private patients exactly what ACC pays under the hand therapy contract, which is $90.09 for an initial consultation and $67.56 for follow up consultations. Splinting charges are extra and based on the amount of material / product used.  Hand therapy treatment is covered by some insurers so check with your provider. An invoice will be issued to you and you can pay via internet banking, cheque, or cash. 

  • About

    Nike Morton (BOccTher), graduated in 2001 and has been practicing for over 14 years, initially focussed on vocational, social and psychiatric rehabilitation, in addition to community and inpatient therapy. 

    Specialising in hand therapy for over ten years now, her true passion is trauma rehabilitation. Nike has extensive history in post operative rehabilitation from both orthopaedic and plastic surgery units in the public and private sector, covering the entire range of hand pathology from trauma to congenital conditions. Nike was also lucky enough to work in one of the UK’s largest plastics departments and teaching hospital: St George’s Hospital London, and the knowledge gained in rehabilitation of complex cases, over the two years was invaluable.

    The Hand Clinic is fully resourced to make thermoplastic splints, soft splints, and compression sleeves. Also to perform sterile dressings, removal of sutures, all modalities, and scar management (including silicone oil treatment for post op Dupuytren’s). We use evidence based practise and Nike is proficient in the treatment of all upper extremity conditions whether resulting from trauma, disease or congenital deformity.

  • Testimonial

    I have found Nike Morton to be the consumate professional - in that her strong communication skills make her incredibly approachable and her quiet command of clinical knowledge gives one a great deal of confidence in the advice and treatment she offers.

    I have really appreciated the way in which Nike carefully questions, presents a range of options and listens to what is said.

    Margaret Stevenson-Wright


    The Hand Clinic
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    Coastlands Shopping Centre,
    State Highway 1, Paraparaumu

    P. 0800 888 910
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